Hogamata Farm

Processing Location

Hogamata Farm

Home of Pacific Heart of Palm

Processing of Pacific Heart of Palm is undertaken at a processing facility on the farm, and all palm stems are harvested from palms grown on the farm.

There are no other growers or sources of Peach Palm in Fiji than those at Hogamata Farm.

Hogamata Farm is located 22 km up the Sigatoka river valley on the east bank at Lokia. (18o2’7.08”S:: 177o33’22.43”E)

Hogamata Farm
Harvested fresh weekly

Heart of Palm Processing Procedures


Field Growing Site

  • Palms stems are harvested
  • the fronds (leaves) are removed,
  • the heart area is cut above and below
  • the cut stem is trimmed of its outer 1 or 2 leaf bases (1st trim) – no part of the heart is to be exposed
  • the trimmed stems are laid on freshly cut fronds
  • Stems are transported to the Processing Facility on the farm by vehicle, tractor or wheel barrow
Pacific Heart of Palm Plantation
Final-trim Pacific Heart of Palm Plantation

Processing Facility

under cover – washable concrete floor
  • 2nd trim removes additional leaf base(s)
  • A meat saw is used to top and tail the stem above and below the heart
  • Additional leaf bases encircling the heart will be removed as required, without exposing any part of the heart
  • the cut stem is trimmed of its outer 1 or 2 leaf bases (1st trim) – no part of the heart is to be exposed
  • The stem is wiped clean of all loose stem cuttings, dust and leaf detritus, as required
  • The stem is placed on the receiving shelf of the Clean Room

Clean Room

Processing Facility
  • The stem is topped and tailed to reveal the heart at both ends and encircling leaf sheaths removed leaving one (3rd trim)
  • The stem is passed to the experienced processor for the final trim
  • removal of the last encircling leaf sheath, determination of edible portion of the heart of palm, dry wiping with disposable tissue as necessary
  • The heart of palm is then cut to size for the destination carton, inspected (trimmed and dry wiped clean as necessary), cling-wrapped with food-grade cling-wrap and then weighed
  • As required the heart of palm may be vacuum-packed instead of cling wrapped
  • The wrapped product is then placed within bubble-wrap in a carton and sealed for storage or dispatch
Final-trim Pacific Heart of Palm Plantation Processing-facility