Pacific Heart of Palm is Fiji’s only producer of non-destructively harvested ‘heart of palm’

Fresh Gourmet Heart of Plam

"One of the rare and exotic vegetable delicacies of the South Pacific is the heart of palm, so when I discovered that Dick Watling had created a sustainable supply, I had no hesitation adding this to my menus."
Chef Lance Seeto
Fiji Culinary Ambassador

What is Sago?

SAGO SAGA ~ Why we started

The story of the endangered Sago Palm in Fiji Seko….. hearts of wild 10-20 yr old Fiji Sago Palm killed in the harvest

Heart of palm salad
Cooking with Heart of Plam

See some recipes by award winning chefs and home cooks alike...

What is Heart of Palm?

Pacific Heart of Palm is a vegetable product – it is the single growing point at the top of the peach or pejibaye palm (Bactris gasipaes) from which the fronds/leaves are emerging on a continuous basis. Harvesting the peach palm is sustainable, because it is a palm with multiple stems, as one stem is cut, suckers are growing up to take its place and the palm is not killed. This is unlike harvesting for most species of palm for the heart which is destructive and the palms are killed.

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News from the Plantation

Heart of palm salad
News from the Plantation

Putting Fiji On The Plate

There’s a disconnect between Fiji’s tourist resorts and local farmers, with much of the food eaten by tourists imported – even some of the tropical ...
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Prawn ota and heart of palm salad
News from the Plantation

Make use of local ingredients: Celebrity Chef

Celebrity chef Colin Chung is encouraging the thriving tourism industry to utilize local ingredients. He was at the Shangri-La Fijian Resort recently to help showcase ...
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News from the Plantation

Book just the recipe for a modern Pacific Islands cuisine

Renowned Raglan chef Colin Chung’s first cookbook went to the printers last week – but don’t expect it to grace every second coffee table around ...
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