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The story of the endangered Sago Palm in Fiji


hearts of wild 10-20 yr old Fiji Sago Palm killed in the harvest




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What is Heart of Palm?

Pacific Heart of Palm is a vegetable product – it is the single growing point at the top of the peach or pejibaye palm (Bactris gasipaes) from which the fronds/leaves are emerging on a continuous basis. Harvesting the peach palm is sustainable, because it is a palm with multiple stems, as one stem is cut, suckers are growing up to take its place and the palm is not killed. This is unlike harvesting for most species of palm for the heart which is destructive and the palms are killed.

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How Pacific Heart of Palm is harvested and processed

health benefits

Nutrition of Peach Palm Heart and Fruit

Heart of palm is a low fat, gluten free, low GI Index product which is highly nutritious and, in particular, a very good source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and Vitamin C.

Peach palm fruit have long been known to be a highly nutritious food and a staple of the diet of the people of the Amazon. Besides having starch, oil and protein, peach palm fruit are rich in vitamins, especially important is vitamin A

Recipe of the day

Prawn, Ota & Heart of Palm Salad


Market fresh "Ota" - Fijian Tree Fern

Market fresh "Ota" - Fijian Tree Fern

Fresh Fijian river prawns

Fresh Fijian river prawns

Ura, Ota and Heart of Palm Salad

by Chef Colin Chung
  • 60 g ( ¾ cup) Heart of Palm, diagonally sliced 2-3mm;
  • ½ cup Ota (fern shoots), large tops blanched in salted water and cooled;
  • 6 river Ura (prawns), tails shelled and cleaned except for the tail end;
  • 2 tbsp  Lime & Coriander Aioli.

Full Ura, Ota and Heart of Palm Salad recipe here…

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