Make use of local ingredients: Celebrity Chef

Prawn ota and heart of palm salad

Celebrity chef Colin Chung is encouraging the thriving tourism industry to utilize local ingredients.

He was at the Shangri-La Fijian Resort recently to help showcase how food can be prepared and presented with locally grown products.

Colin has been to Fiji many times calling it his second home ….And his pushing the home advantage, wanting to see more hotels using local food in a contemporary manner.

“Hotels they do more of that…and if they can create that kind of food then people won’t be looking to import more overseas food.”

His working on a book called Kana Vinaka which will educate people on the luxury of going local when preparing food.

” It’s not about being famous or doing a book that sells im not doing it for the money I really feel that it can make a difference that we can use it as a way to learn more about this way of contemporary way of cooking.”

Colin has been in this profession for forty years and is helping chefs at the Fijian Resort learn some of his cooking methods.

He has a new sense of energy in his belief to using local produce with an international twist.

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Report by: Christopher Chand